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We plan to have a satellite police station, clinic – Councillor

Increased crime, an inaccessible police station and an overwhelmed clinic are a serious cause of concern that need urgent solutions, ward six Councillor Tawanda Ruzive has said.

In an exclusive interview with this publication the councillor decried the current rise in crime cases particularly in the Bellevue suburb.

The neighbourhood is currently dogged by burglary cases which Cllr Ruzive attributes to the lack of neighbourhood security teams in that area.

“We have neighbourhoods that have been forthcoming in creating neighbourhood watch teams. Newton West has started creating the teams.”

“Unfortunately Bellevue has seen a rise in burglary cases because there are no neighbourhood security teams in the area and that has put the neighbourhood at risk,” said Cllr Ruzive.

He has urged the community to quickly come together and create watch teams that will work with the police in carrying out night patrols to ensure public safteTy and security.

Cllr Ruzive acknowledged that security setbacks are also as a result of an ill equipped police station which is inaccessible to everyone whilst it is meant to service the whole ward.

He said: “We acknowledge that our Donnington Police station is operating on limited resources that is why we have come up with security and safety strategies such as the creation of neighbourhood security teams. Also to note is that Donnington Police station is far in distance, so we are proposing for a satellite police station.”

Ward six comprises of seven neighbourhoods, namely Newton West, Barham Green, West Sommerton, Montrose, Donnington, Sidojiwe and Bellevue.

The ward has a total population of seven thousand five hundred people.

Unfortunately it is not only it’s police station that is overwhelmed but its public clinic as well.

Cllr Ruzive said a satellite clinic is needed to ease pressure on the local clinc and ensure that everyone accesses medical attention.

“The clinics services are the cheapest in comparison to prices as such it tends to be oversubscribed with patients. As Council we have proposed for a satellite clinic to be put in place and engagements are taking place,” he said, adding that drug shortages have not spared the local facility.

“Our local clinic strives to serve everyone but lately the clinic has been hit with drug shortages. Government is failing us on this one hence we have to outsource.”

“There are several NGOs working with the youth on different initiatives and l would like to take this opportunity to invite them to work with our office on this issue and as well as well in co-producing strategies that will further benefit our youth,” said the Councillor.

He also revealed that more initiatives are on the pipeline which are set for the upkeep and wellbeing of ward six community.

“We have initiatives we want to implement as soon as possible and these include vendor sheds at Bellevue, Mazinyane and Jocks. We also have put to plan on restoring the community’s street lighting. For now we plan to light two streets per neighbourhood.”

“My other responsibilities include enforcing that service delivery requirements of Ward 6 community are met. However because of the economic challenges, our roads are marred with potholes, water rationing is taking place but it does not override efforts in refuse collection and other services the community is receiving,” said Cllr Ruzive.

Recently the councillor oversaw the completion of a drainage clean up task in Donnington where the drainage system was heavily clogged by waste dumped by residents.

The councillor went on to urge residents to pay their bills so as to assure improved service delivery.

Currently ward six is owing the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) a whooping 21 million dollars in rates.

“Current projects are funded by the residents themselves. From rates collected by BCC, 3% is given back to the ward.”

“We therefore urge residents to pay rates for improved services delivery. There are situations where we assess the household situation and appeal for a 20% debt reduction so if a resident is facing challenges in paying their rates they are free to come and tell us.”

Cllr Ruzive has set up a Councillor’s office at Barham Green swimming pool where residents can access him.

He is working with a lady, Precious Ngwenya who is voluntarily assisting.

The Councillor reiterated his pledge to serving the community to his best capacity.

“During my term of administration l want to empower the community, facilitate residents participation at every level, help towards developing the ward through leaps that have never achieved by my predecessors,” he said.

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