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Umahlekisa Stokvel bringing arts to ‘eKasi’

Bulawayo- In an effort to promote the city’s talent, artists together with comedians have resorted to hosting chill sessions dubbed the Umahlekisa stokvel that will be hosted in different artists’ residents dotted around the city.

The proprietors of the event have highlighted that they were inspired to bring the idea into existence as a way of bringing arts to the high-density suburbs, ‘ekasi’ and create synergies amongst artists.

This past Sunday, the show was hosted at one of the most prominent hip-hop artists, Cal_Vin’s place of residence at Luveve while this week’s stokvel will be hosted at Pumula South.

One of the organizers of the show, Ntando “Van” Moyo said they also utilized this opportunity to also market Cal_vin’s show that is going to take place this Saturday at Bulawayo theatre.

“It’s about bringing arts eKasi in a Kasi way. To create and engage synergies among artists. It’s also a way to market artists that’s why we used the platform to market tickets for his show.

Moyo added that he had realized that there is a void opened by lack of entertainment ekasi and as such he felt the need to fill it.

“I saw a gap in arts ekasi as well as need for something simple but entertaining.”

Ntando highlighted that the mic won’t be exclusively availed to seasoned artists and comedians but also to anyone who wants to perform.

“There will be comedy performances and some music acts as well as open mic for anyone who wants to perform anything,” he said.

This is not the first time the Umahlekisa Comedy club and Cal_vin worked together as they once hosted a show dubbed the Roast of Cal_Vin last year.


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