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Umahlekisa Comedy Club champions ‘humour for social change’

Bulawayo– THE Umahlekisa comedy club in collaboration with the Youth for Innovation Trust have embarked on a project dubbed ‘humour for social change’ that will be aimed at tackling various social ills in society through humour and laughter.

The first show  is slated for 20 February at Bulawayo Polytechnic College.

Ntando Van Moyo, one of the organisers of the event, said the project was aimed at improving the livelihoods of the people in the city.

“We are people from Bulawayo and we are concerned about our community and want to change how the ordinary person is excluded in social and economic life because of differences with us as people,” Ntando said.

This will be the first show of its kind as it will be focused on a theme.

“We will be tackling sexual health issues. This will be different as it will be focused on a theme. We want to raise awareness on issues like sexual health, drug and alcohol abuse, gender based violence, cyber bullying and economic apathy,” he added

The shows are to be held monthly but under different themes

“We will have different themes monthly and acts will include poets as well,” Ntando said.

Perfoming comedians for this upcoming show will include Zwe, Miss Dee and Ckhanyiso Dat Guy.

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