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Msiz’Kay wants more

Bulawayo– A euphoric mood characterises the Bulawayo showbiz scene as the 3rd edition of the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) beckons.

The show, slated for June 29, will see some artists scooping awards for the third time while it will see others missing the accolades for the third time since the event’s inception.

With the recognition and respect that comes with scooping awards generally, musician, Sizalobuhle Nkomo, better and widely known as Msiz’Kay in the showbiz scene, feels proud to be a Skyz Metro Award winner and a two time nominee for the BAAs , and says he is hungry for more.

“Yeah , it feels good to be a winner, I put as much energy as l can in my music,” he smilingly said when we met as he was rushing to board a bus to perform at the NAMAs last week.

He added that he hoped to add a BAA accolade to his name this year.

“I am definitely going to put my name for the nomination and will see what happens.Winning will be something I am aiming for obviously.”

Msiz’Kay recently released his second album Bayatshiselwa and is hoping it will scoop him more accolades in the future.

The offering has 15 tracks, plus a bonus track.

“…The title of the new album is Bayatshiselwa. They are feeling the heat! It’s about celebration more than anything else…I have always loved music, and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

“My inspiration to drop this album came from the love I have for what I do, I had to give it to the people so that they enjoy the music with me,” he said.

Speaking on the collaborations in the album, Msiz’Kay shared that as he was working on the album , he was also deciding on whom to work with.

“It was easy you know. I would make a beat or come out with a concept and I would know the right person who would fit for it,” he said.

Over the past few years, the BAAs have transformed to one of the biggest award shows in the country, a picturesque event, with the city’s renowned personalities dressed to the nines, fully characterising the glitz and glamour day, making it one of the special days to look forward to in Bulawayo.

As such, the prestigious event has in the past managed to draw personalities that have managed to make a name for themselves in the region. These include South-African based actress and socialite, MboMahocs, who stars in the Scandal soapie and musician Bekezela who have travelled back home for the must-not-miss event.

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