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Transformational Leadership Degree introduced at AJU

Harare- The Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) has launched a rich and exciting Degree programme that builds a new level of transformational and thought leadership in the development education field, grounded in Paulo Freire’s teachings, good theory, practice and ethical leadership under the School of Education and Leadership at the university.

The programme is pivoted on the Training for Transformation, an intensive course using participatory methodology to explore Paulo Freire’s approach to critical conscientization and its application to our reality offered by the Grail Centre in South Africa

Addressing students at the Academic Orientation Year 2019, Dr Kaulema, the Acting – Programme Coordinator said, “Transformative leadership is about developing citizens who are able to think critical about themselves, about their relations with others and then able in that thinking to work out on how to transform their lives society, their lives and lives of others.”

He added that the course transforms people’s attitudes towards the environment.

“The course transforms our attitude towards the environment, so that our lives can become better, this includes the society, the processes, the institutions, the homes in which we live become better (sic).”

Evernice Munando, a new student in the Transformational Leadership course and also Executive Director for Female Students Network (FSN), revealed how exciting it was to be part of this course and how she looks forward to acquiring new skills.

“When we finish the course, we will be able to do great work in our communities and the environment is very conducive for students to undergo training (sic),” she said.

Introducing the Center for Ethics to new students, Dr Kaulemu noted that to be human is to be ethical, and people often forget to be human as they chase growth.

He said, “In pursuit of growth we have forgotten about the environment, as we follow technology we tend to undermine human beings”

The new degree is designed for development practitioners, facilitators and community organisers from Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Faith Based Organisations (FBOs). It seeks to build the knowledge base, analytic abilities and skills of teams from NGOs and community organisations to empower local self-reliant community development efforts and to link these efforts within wider global and national movements within civil society.

Part of the course is to build the confidence and skills of students to work with and challenge their governments to ensure the adoption of macro-economic policies that are to the advantage of the marginalized and to deepen the vision, values and commitment to justice, peace and a culture of caring.

Arrupe Jesuit University has also established the School of ICTs and Engineering and the school of Philosophy and Humanities. The Arrupe Jesuit University grows out of Arrupe College which was founded in 1994 with the initial aim of providing part of the training needed by young Jesuits on their way to effective Christian ministry, either as priests or as brothers. Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) is an autonomous international academic institution, owned by the Zimbabwe Province of the Society of Jesus on the behalf of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM). The Society of Jesus is a religious order of priests and brothers within the Roman Catholic Church.


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