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Tinashe faces backlash from Twimbos

The twitter streets are a hard hat area and not for the faint hearted .

United States Singer, Tinashe, witnessed the streets’ fire and fury after she denied being Zimbabwean saying only her father was.

Asked if she was Zimbabwean during a twitter question and answer session today, the singer, born Tinashe Kachingwe, denied being Zimbabwean saying : “My dad is!”.

Tinashe was born in Lexington, Kentucky and moved to Los Angeles when she was 8 years old. Her father is a native of Zimbabwe.

Twimbos would not have any of it, and accused the 26 year old for ‘not being proud of where she comes from.’

One twimbo, @DaddyKornie accused her of being in denial for claiming shes not Zimbabwean.

He said, “Tinashe in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 .Chapter 1 shows that Tinashe Kachingwe is of Zimbabwean origin by virtue of her Name .Chapter 2 Tinashe in Denial mode that she is from Zim”

Another twimbo, @WinstonPromise called her dull for failing to grasp the fact that if her father is Zimbabwean she is also Zimbabwean.

“This chick is dull if your dad is Zim it just means you’re Zimbabwean by descend (Sic).”

 This particular tweet got her attention prompting her to respond: “Right and they asked me if I was *from zim not if I was of Zimbabwean descent y’all don’t even make sense lol mad for no reason.”

According to the Zimbabwean constitution, persons born outside Zimbabwe are Zimbabwean citizens by birth if, when they were born, either of their parents was a Zimbabwean citizen.

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