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‘There is light at the end of the Tunnel’ – Bulawayo Chiefs

Bulawayo– After breaking the deadlock, and earning themselves their first victory last week, Bulawayo Chiefs are optimistic they are going to win enough games to keep them afloat, and avoid the murky waters of relegation.

Chiefs won their first game against a wounded Dyanamos at Rufaro stadium, earning the bragging rights of calling themselves Giant Slayers, a name they earned in their debut season after defeating a number of Castle Lager premier league giants.

Speaking to this publication, the club’s Communication Officer, Thulani ‘Javas’ Sibanda expressed relief that came with winning this game.

He said, “This win feels very precious. It has won us survival. We needed light at the end of the tunnel and we found it today. Anjalo AmaSports.”

He went on to highlight that they will continue to keep the ball rolling.

“The wheels have already started turning,we can’t stop now.”

Last weekend, Chiefs managed to also secure another point in a game against Triangle FC, in a match were the former were the underdogs as the latter were the favorites of the match.

The results were not a surprise to the Bulawayo Chiefs Secretary General, Dumisani Sibanda, who revealed that when it comes to the PSL, the ground is level.

“There is no team that is better than the other in the local Premier league. People were panicking because we had gone for a number of games without a win, but we knew that it was a matter of time before the goals started coming and we begin winning games,” Sibanda said.

“The team is playing good football, if one follows the games closely they will indeed agree with me that the team is playing beautiful football. This is the reason why we are not even worried about signing new players because we have faith in the current team,” he said.

Sibanda went on to reveal that their only worry was being labelled as punching bags while buttressing the point that their ultimate goal was avoiding relegation.

“We realised that we were now being labelled as punching bags, and that’s the attitude we want to remove from our opponents. Although our goal this season is just to survive the chop, we will not be a side where any team will get maximum points when facing us. We are not worried at the moment, there are still a lot of games ahead that the team can win and avoid the chop.”

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