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‘The Law of Knowledge’ : Apostle Grant Farah

Success is best described as achieving aims, goals and objectives. For those set goals to be attained, one has to be thoroughly equipped with strength, tools, a roadmap, strategies, wisdom and above all, knowledge and understanding on what they seek to accomplish. It is a total package which means any of the above-mentioned cannot be dropped or substituted if one is to succeed. Sadly, many people are not cognisant of the characteristics of successful people or the principles that qualify one to be an epitome of success.

Wrapping up the series, Laws of Success, Apostle Grant Farah, the co-founder of Jehovah Tsaboath Ministries International, indicated that knowledge is a vital nugget.

“Knowledge is the greatest law when it comes to accomplishing outstanding success. It’s not about where you are or what you have but it is about your knowledge base,” he said.

Apostle Grant went on to highlight a new type of deliverance needed in Africa, the deliverance of the mind.

“Africa`s main challenge is the mind-set. If that integral part of being is not renewed, man will remain deformed,” he said.

Africa has experienced slow progress in embracing technology, industrialisation and commerce mainly due to the mentality issue. There is an adage which says, ‘If you want to hide something from an African, hide it in a book’ and that alone says a lot about Africa`s attitude towards knowledge.

Many authors have penned numerous best-selling titles which have failed to reach the one million mark in the motherland thus clearly showcasing how books are considered in Africa. A common sense approach in executing visions and economic transforming ideologies in the continent has seen common results whereas if there was outstanding information, unique success could be achieved.

Quoting Proverbs 9:9 which reads, ‘Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning’; the man of God emphasised that learning should be a lifelong experience as knowledge keeps one relevant.

Apostle Grant said, “A peak learner learns how to learn, they go for peak performance and acquire vast knowledge concerning their areas of trade.”

Teaching at the Jehovah Tsaboath Ministries International Prayer Centre in Bulawayo, the man of God taught that a success vision void of information is stagnant.

“What fuel is to a vehicle, is what knowledge is to a vision. Knowledge fuels your vision and there`s no substitute for information to your success.”

The congregation was left in awe following revelation after revelation in regard to the importance of this principle to success and sent them into self-introspection mode, analysing their non-progressive routine cycles.

One of the congregates, Lee Behane-Vurayayi, said it was beyond just a teaching.

“It`s about time that I invest in knowledge if I am to succeed in this life, his word was meant for me,” she said.

Pastor Shamiso, a junior Pastor at the church, said the experience was life transforming.

“I would love to go through this message repeatedly until it really sinks into my veins!”

Knowledge is a key to unlock the future, one can never go beyond what they know. No matter how much we may get to pray, seed, declare or even fast, you can never substitute laws that pertain to success and its attributes. Knowledge indeed is power, and yes, it is wealth!

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