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The Bulawayo Youth Pitch Competition underway

Zimbabwe Progressive Youth Foundation (ZPYF), a newly founded youth empowerment organisation, has set up a competition for upcoming entrepreneurs in the city.

The competition dubbed The Bulawayo Youth Pitch Competition will be held in December this year and will see shortlisted competitors showcase their entrepreneurial ideas and skills in a battle for a grand price.

ZPYF founder Mr Thabani Madhlayo, residing in Ward six, says the competition’s objective is to give moral and financial support to entrepreneurs with low self esteem.

Thabani said: “The Bulawayo Youth Pitch Competition is a tool that is being implemented towards supporting young entrepreneurs to implement their ideas and not shelve them.”

He added that the competition will present various opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

“The competition will create a platform of visibility and recognition of youths with talent and great ideas and it will avail an opportunity of networking among youths to share ways of escaping the poverty cycle experienced among many other objectives it seeks to achieve,” said Thabani.

ZPYF has partnered with the youth empowerment oriented Empower Bank in the initiative.

Thabani says the partnership will provide an excellent opportunity for competitors on acquiring knowledge on how to secure capital for their businesses.

He said, “We are glad to announce that since this will be a competition in Bulawayo, Empower Bank will surely be available to assist youths with ideas on how to secure funding with the institution.”

The competition is set to move beyond Bulawayo and venture on a city to city movement with the desire to promote pro-active youth across the nation.

The organisation founder said their aim is to promote youth that will engage in the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe.

Registration for the Bulawayo pitch competition is currently underway and prospective competitors can contact the ZPYF agent, Ms Petronella on +263 77 850 2426 to register.

Registrants are required to pay a registration fee of $60 RTGS.

The winner of the competition will get a capital venture prize.

The youth foundation is also set to hold a female empowerment workshop as a signature roundup for the year.

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