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The Bodies of New

The bodies of prominent figures can be serious  sites of struggle after death. Hopefully we won’t see people trying to capitalize on rufu rwaSave to advance their political ambitions, both in the ruling party and the opposition. The people did not come to mourn; they came come to rally around a living body. Its impossible to separate family from politics. It takes a lot of effort. Trump, Clinton, Zuma, Mugabe etc. Chamisa seems to be using more of the body of MDC and less of the body of Tsvangirai to advance his own political strategy. Mudzuri is the one who seems to be embarking on a wholesale appropriation. Every politician will take advantage of that. There is a contest going on. As the body also symbolizes the legacy, each is making political capital over what he can muster.But the body is also the living one, the MDC and all the members who make that body. Chamisa is doing better than Mudzuri in that regard. Mudzuri runs the risk of being buried together.

Appropriation of bodies, and  created a dual taxonomy: body signifies two things: the living body and and the dead body. Both are vital in the politics of legitimisation. Mudzuri is using more of the dead (Tsvangirai) body and Chamisa is using more of the living (MDC members) body in their own quests for legitimisation. But the body of focus is that of Tsvangirai. The funeral was about the death of the person of Tsvangirai. The MDC as an organisation appears to me to be subject to the contests of those left behind. In this case, political protagonists are contesting, not just the body but the legacy of the dead Tsvangirai to claim legitimacy to head the organization.

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