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Step-brothers in house wrangle

‘I need my mother’s share!’

These are the words which a Bulawayo man echoed  accusing his step brother of robbing him of his inheritance, alleging that the latter was illegally claiming his late mother’s share.

Lazarus Mazibisa (55) accused Bigboy Moyo (55) of throwing him out and forcefully possessing the house in Pumula Old, which was left by his late father Makeke Mazibisa.

Mazibisa said the only relation he has with Moyo and his three siblings is that his father married his mother ,Zintombi Sibanda, making them step-siblings.

“We grew up together after my father married his mother, and when my father passed away, my step mother and I shared the inheritance, as informed by the will. The house was part of the inheritance, however we agreed not to sell the house, since we were staying there,” Mazibisa said.

“In 2001, Miss Sibanda died and we remained behind, staying at the house, as I did not mind staying with them, although the only person who was relating us had died.”

Moyo and his other siblings, all dead now, were staying at the Mazibisa house as provided by the Certificate of Occupation in terms of section 33 of the Africans Accommodation and Registration Act (1951).

The deal went sour when Moyo started claiming his own share of the house, stating that he had rights over his mother’s share.

He allegedly moved out but started collecting all the rentals, resulting to the accumulation of bills. He then used the money to buy his own house, which however did not move him to engage with Mazibisa.

Mazibisa said all he wants is justice to prevail and get what he said is “rightfully his.”

“I know my father married his mother and the will gave us equal rights to the property, but that does not mean Bigboy (Moyo) can throw me out of my father’s house, and rob me of my inheritance,” he said.

“The house belongs to me now, and if have to respect my father’s will, it will have to be done using legal methods, not to be treated like an outcast.”

Mazibisa is now staying at a rented house, of which he said he is failing to pay rentals since he is not working. He survives with his wife and four children and three grandchildren.

It is this development that led Mazibisa to seek legal help. An application has been filed.

Efforts to get a comment from Moyo were fruitless, with assumptions that he has moved to South Africa.

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