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Sketch artists correcting Rasta’s wrongs

The late’s jazz music maestro, OLIVER Mtukudzi’s death has availed an opportunity for artists good with their hands to showcase their sketches on social media, at the same time giving them an opportunity to make money with their God given talent.

A growing trend, non-celebs have become celebrities over one night on social media!

South African based artist, Lebani Sirenji, popularly known as Rasta was the first to showcase his unfinished work of art on social media.

Unlucky for him, his work was not given an encouraging feedback, as a lot of people said his painting did not have any kind of resemblance to Tuku.

Rasta was undaunted by the negative feedback as he defended himself by saying that people judge his unfinished portraits but at the end of the day they do not see his finished craft.

However, this was a blessing in disguise for other artists, who took the opportunity to post their own work, which had more resemblance to the jazz virtuoso and had the capacity to be called a meticulous work of art.

Ennock Mlangeni is one artist who is now busking in fame after posting his sketch. “Finally done with Oliver Mutukudzi’s pen portrait .RIP legend. My name is Ennock Mlangeni. You don’t know me yet,”he posted.

A pen sketch of the late Oliver Mtukudzi by Ennock Mlangeni

His work got positive feedback on social media as people showered him with compliments and encouragement to continue with the good work.

“Great piece of work…how much do you charge. I want to do a painting for my girlfriend,” said a handle recognised as Mntaka Siziba.

Shadreck Mangwende said “You are going far Ennock,that’s a neat painting there! Can you inbox me your digits.”

The pen sketched portrait got a total of 17.2 likes and 5,185 retweets on twitter.

Keith Ndlovu, another artist, had a minimum of $US350 coming his way after he put his sketch up for a bid on Twitter

A pencil sketch by Keith Ndlovu

“I am Zimbabwean medical student and pencil artist from Harare. Please like and retweet one more time in celebration of the legacy of the great icon.”

“This drawing will be sold out to the highest bidder here on the comment section.40% of the proceeds will be donated to Pakare Paye Arts Centre. A centre that Dr Oliver Mtukudzi established to promote and nurture young talent”.

“Make sure to clearly state the currency of your bid. Details for payment and delivery will discussed with the winner of the bid,” Keith posted.


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