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Palm Cooking Oil hits shelves

Bulawayo- The food industry in the city recently witnessed the birth of – a first of its kind – product, Premium palm cooking oil, supplied to local shops by a group of entrepreneurs.

Premium cooking oil is a product of palm oil and a new introduction to the Zimbabwean shelves.

The group of entrepreneurs import the oil and then package it before supplying Oceans Supermarket amongst other local shops.

One of the entrepreneurs, Tafadzwa Muronzwa, said the idea to supply palm cooking oil came out of the realisation that it is not a popular product in this region.

“It’s the healthiest oil available, if you do your research well, you will discover that it is kept a secret from mainstream media because the West doesn’t want it going public,” Muronzwa said.

The entrepreneur added that in most households, 60% of products found are processed through palm oil except for their cooking oil and others.

A research reveals that palm oil is cholesterol free, a source of Beta – Carotene and contains Vitamin E amongst other health benefits.

It also has a longer frying life, non absorbent onto food, tasteless and odorless whilst at the same time promoting hair growth.

Muronzwa said they intend to supply their product beyond Bulawayo but the country’s ailing economy is stalling their expansion.

“We originally must supply at USD $1.85 but now the market is forcing us down to USD $1.25 so on price we negotiate for now. Zimbabwe has no textbook economics,” he said.

The palm oil is available in 750ml.

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