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MP Modi donates Water Bowser

Mounting water woes have prompted Ward Six Member of Parliament Honourable Raj Modi to move in and cushion residents by donating a twenty-two thousand litre water bowser to his constituency.

Hon Modi’s constituency Secretary, Mr Hope Sandamayi confirmed this development saying the MP is highly concerned with the sad state in which the residents are in due to water crisis.

“The MP noticed that there is a water crisis and he bought a water bowser that will get water from his water processing plant. This will help to ease water crisis which the residents are facing. This water bowser will service his constituency mainly Wards 6 and 21,” said Secretary Sandamayi.

He added that special treatment will be given to community institutions such as schools.

Sec Sandamayi said: “There are some special cases like Simanyane Primary School that has been receiving water because the school is currently building some classes and the school has been facing water challenges worsened by electricity shortages. We will be providing water to that school and other institutions as per their request.”

The bowser will be servicing the general community during water shedding days.

“According to the water shedding schedule, we have realised that the best day to distribute water will be on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday the water bowser will come and distribute water to the people at shopping centers between 11 am and 4 pm,” advised Sec Sandamayi.

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) recently increased its water shedding hours from 72 hours to 92 after decommissioning one of its major supplying dams, Umzingwane Dam.

Sec Sandamayi said the MP is greatly concerned about the wellbeing of his constituency hence he is set to introduce more projects that will address different problems faced by residents.

He said Hon Modi is self-funding these projects.

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