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Mlindo the Vocalist disappoints

Bulawayo – The much awaited Mlindo the Vocalist’s show degenerated into an orgy of disappointment, anger and discontent on Saturday night as fans felt duped of their hard-earned cash after the South African chanter failed to leave the crowd in awe as was expected of him.

Pegged at R100 for the cheapest ticket, an equivalent to 3O bond, the Amacala hit-maker, renowned for his unique voice, had pulled an unexpected huge crowd that predominantly was comprised of youths, thanks to the promoters!

It began with a hustle-bustle task for fans to gain entry into the heavily guarded BAC arena.

Taking a cue from the just ended social unrest that rocked the country a few weeks back, when looting of goods was the order of the day, some rowdy section of the crowd tried to take advantage of the stampede by violently trying to enter without tickets.

The chaos at the entrance propped police to intervene with dogs and teargas as they sought to disperse the crowds and restore order.

A merely 30 minutes brief and late performance by curtain raisers – the Judgment Yard – was another let down of the event.

Having hope that their prior disappointments would be consoled by a par excellent performance by the main act since an element of surprise was expected from his debut, Mlindo’s brief, disjointed performance disgruntled the hordes of fans that he had pulled.

To make matters worse, the Vocalist took the centre stage after midnight, ten hours after BAC gates had opened, only to perform for only a little over twenty minutes.

Probably acting due to frustration, a furore erupted outside the venue with rampant violent clashes and squabbles between people taking over.

As crowds were left in utter dismay at BAC, across town the local upcoming artist, Enzo Ishall was giving his fans quality time for their money.


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