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IBhubesi: Tariq Bravo roars to life

Bulawayo– Tariq Bravo has been in the music industry for quite some time now but with no acclaim, but with his new album Ibhubesi, it is as if he wanted to finally announce his official arrival in the Zimbabwean Showbiz, just the way a lion announces its presence with a roar in the jungle.

The lion roared, and yes the jungle felt its presence. IBhubesi’s recent release has left a number of people in awe, as Bravo managed to mesmerize his listeners with his Kasi rap which tackles the socio-economic predicaments which are rife in the country.

“Anyone here who has listened to Bravo’s new album, IBhubesi? Wonderful music from a talented lad. It’s a pity the times are hard for these artists, but he nailed it,” read one post from Twitter.

Hailing from Magwegwe West in Bulawayo, the fast paced vernacular rapper addresses the challenges that the youths face in their everyday lives in songs like ama Krugger, Abazenzi, Dreams and Phakamisa.

Out of his 12 song album, one song stood out for me, Akazenzi featuring  Msiz-Kay. The song puts the listener in the shoes of a child who has resolved to delinquency due to growing up being exposed to domestic violence at his home. This in turn has a negative consequence for him mentally, hence leading him to drug and substance abuse as well as criminal activities which at the end lead to his immature death.

In the same song, he also tackles how young women Ekasi end up opting for prostitution due to financial constraints which hinder them from pursuing their studies and by putting these issues into light, Bravo persuades people to desist from being judgmental, without knowing the whole story of the person in question’s life.

To give color to his album, Bravo did some collabos with a number of artists which gave his songs different acoustics.

Kunzima, features upcoming songstress ,Mandie Mae,  Bravo guaranteed  that he also cateres for dancehall lovers, as the song has a dance hall flavor fused with Kasi rap.

Bravo is a wounded soul, and in this album he just revealed how painful these wounds can get sometimes.

In his song, Dreams featuring upcoming artist- Maya, he takes us through his journey in life, where his dreams, just like a lot of youths of this day are constantly being shattered. He talks of how the doors of his breakthrough are constantly seeming to open only to be shattered at his face by things out of his control.

And just like the name of his album iBhubesi, which loosely translates to ‘lion’, Bravo is determined that his music will be heard in all the corners of the City of Kings, and country wide, just like the roar of a lion dominates the jungle.

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