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High Court bars Ndebele Monarchy

THE high court has bared the appointment of a new Ndebele King in Zimbabwe.

This was confirmed by Effie Ncube, the CEO of Royal Crown Trust

“The coronation cannot take place as scheduled because there is a ruling against us from the high court, and we have not yet established as to whether we are going to appeal to the court ruling its self or we are going to take it up to the constitutional court,” Ncube said.

Colin Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo was expected to be coronated as the Ndebele King on Saturday, the 3rd of March at Barbour fields stadium in Bulawayo. He is said to be King Lobengula‘s grandson traced and found in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The local government minister convened a meeting with traditional leaders at Rainbow hotel earlier, to discuss the chiefs and kings installations and seek the amicable way forward on the litigation issue of the Ndebele monarchy, already in court.

“Our constitution stipulates that in this country, traditional leaders can only be chiefs, headmans or a village heads and that if there is a need to resuscitate a chief not a king, it has to go before the provincial assembly of chief which is chaired in the case of Matabeleland North by chief Shana of Hwange, in the case of Matabeleland South, is chaired by chief Maduna of Insiza.”

“Once those provincial assemblies of chief agree, the matter is sent into the national council of chiefs which is chaired by chief Charumbira with his deputy Mtshana Khumalo. Once that is done then they send the papers to the ministry and the ministry makes sure that it is in line with the constitution. The president does not appoint and I don’t appoint but nobody cannot appoint a king because the constitution does not allow it,” said July Moyo, Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing.

The government has been allowing events and discussions pertaining the installation of kings in Bulawayo and has just abruptly bared the installation of the king, raising eyebrows amongst the Mthwakazi group.

TenacityPost is reliably informed that 25 buses were on their way from South Africa, Beitbridge and other parts of the country, prior to the coronation of the king.

“We are not preventing anyone from installing their king and we are not installing this king for any other person except for those that choose their allegiance to that particular king,” said Effie Ncube.

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