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GNC uplifting marginalised women

Harare– In a bid to augment government efforts for community development, GNC Urban and Rural Development Association of Zimbabwe, a non-profit making organisation, whose main objective is rooted in humanitarianism and social work, has taken a staunch position with respect to its immense contribution towards women and youth empowerment since its inception in 2018.

The organisation focuses exclusively on the most vulnerable and poverty stricken sectors of society, which are rural areas and where women and children development organizations are making once off activities. GNC fills up the most important gap by setting up structures in these areas of operation for sustainability and to ensure that projects are community owned and beneficial to marginalised rural women, girls, youth and orphaned vulnerable children (OVC).

GNC has made great strides by outreaching communities such as Ahiden Farm Plot No.2,Masomere Village, Wedza-Chidhenge Irrigation Project, Save Rural Irrigation Project, Harava Rural, Kapondoro Irrigation Project, Rukawu Irrigation-Mutoko, Chiyambuka Irrigation Project under gardening interventions through provisions of agricultural inputs such as water engines, irrigation pipes, building material, garden seed packs, chemicals and fencing material from the technical support from Plant Foundation of South Africa.

Speaking at one of the community visits at Domboshava area where some of its projects are being carried out, the GNC Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kanokanga, bemoaned the rate at which young people are migrating from rural areas to urban areas in search of employment but to no avail.

“There is a baffling influx of our young men and women into towns in search of employment of which these towns are dry, our rural communities are capable of rendering sustainable livelihoods to its people if we wisely utilize them,” Kanokanga said.

“We need to industrialize rural areas in a bid to create employment for rural folks and do away with the misconception that only urban areas provide employment. This also will result in the reduction of vendor-congestion in towns” he added.

GNC empowers people to benefit from mainstream economic activities by training them in economic and social empowerment activities such as facilitating for agricultural interventions like village/community gardens and other income generating projects.

Speaking to this publication, Christian Chingondi, a beneficiary of GNC, applauded the organisation for being an all-weather friend to women’s plight as it helps a number of women in the country’s marginalised communities.


“As women lets stand and be counted, let us venture into projects, embrace the opportunity that is coming with this organization,” she said.

Their agricultural products are welcomed with a ready market as hospitals in Harare, Chinese people, supermarkets such as Food Lovers, Sun-span and many more make a stampede towards acquiring their fresh green produce.

The concept for the intended operation of GNC is premised in the context of an unfavorable socio-economic environment that has thrown the generality of the Zimbabwean people into socio-economic deprivation. Women and the youth, being the most vulnerable, have been the biggest victims of this situation. The organization is thus facing an uphill of addressing the situation and making the grassroots aware of their capabilities.








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