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Falcon College boys implicated in sexual harassment scandal

A scandal has rocked Falcon College where some boys allegedly placed a spy camera in girls changing rooms used by Girls College pupils during recent sports games at the Mzingwane district based College, with the intention of recording unsuspecting naked girls.

The issue has raised outrage from parents and other stakeholders over invasion of privacy issues and violation of the girl child’s rights which can also tarnish the minors’ images since the video has gone viral.

The Bulawayo based girls school water polo team traveled to Falcon college for competition with the, formerly all-boys, school’s girls team last Friday.

The act was unearthed after the girls had left and the video had started circulating.

Girls College principal, Mrs Ross, confirmed the incident which happened last Friday but could not comment, referring questions to Falcon College authorities.

“The whole issue is being dealt with at Falcon College; it did not happen on my grounds, it happened at Falcon. Falcon College will be better placed to comment on that,” she said in a telephone interview.

A parent who spoke on condition of anonymity expressed her anger over the issue calling for maximum possible punishment for the boys believed to be involved and for the school to be investigated for similar allegations including sexual harassment during sports competitions.

She said this behavior raises questions on the safety of girls at such events saying such perverted behavior should not be condoned as it might lead to worse violations such as rape.

“I was saddened to hear about the incident, my girl did not go for the particular event but I feel the same pain and I know I speak on behalf of many parents when I say this behavior is unacceptable and the culprits should be punished,” she said

“This is not the first time this issue has happened at this school and the authorities must make a strong statement with the recent incident to ensure that it does not happen again”

Girls College will today hold a meeting at the school premises at 16:30 to discuss the incident.

Falcon College could not be reached for comment by the time of publication.

Bulawayo Provincial education director, Mrs Olicah Kaira, said she was not aware of the incident as she is out of town on other business.

Her Matabeleland counterpart, Mr Lifias Masukume, was also unaware referring questions to Mzingwane district.

“Please contact Mzingwane district for information, at the moment I’m in Harare and haven’t heard any report,” he said.

Falcon introduced girls at their school in 2017.

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