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Ernest Masuku’s progress in England…

………4 victories
……..300 runs
……..and 25 wickets in 11 games

Bulawayo– It has been five months since Ernest Masuku joined Durkingfield club which competes in the Greater Manchester cricket league in England

In these months, Masuku has only managed to play 11 games at his new club due to unfavourable weather conditions.

He expressed his dissatisfaction over the 11 games he has been a part of so far as the team has not been giving its fans par excellent performances.

“We have so far played 11 games, won 4 and lost 7. Due to lots of rains, we have played just a few games,” Masuku revealed from his base in England.

This leaves Durkingfield’s winning rate at 36%, a rate that does not work in Masuku’s favour as he made his intentions clear at the beginning of the year that he aspired to lead the club to a string of victories which would earn them a promotion to a more elite league.

“I have taken 25 wickets but l haven’t batted as well as l would have liked to this point only scoring 300 in those games,” he said.

He precisely blamed the heavy downpours of rains in England for his seemingly poor performance

.”I haven’t played the best of my cricket because l have been struggling to get used to the weather conditions,especially the rains,” he said.

Masuku went on to add that going forward, he does not want to find comfort in making ‘weather excuses’ as he is seeking to improve his game despite the aforementioned predicament.

“Going forward I want to score as many runs as possible and I would like to get more wickets,”he said.

He said he did not see this as much of a challenge as he has managed to compete at a more advanced cricket league back home where he plays for Matebeleland Tuskers.

“Greater Manchester cricket league is a good league,but a lot lower than the leagues I play back home, Bulawayo metro 1st league, Matebeleland Tuskers plays in the franchise league which is made of 5 provincial sides in Zimbabwe and is highly competitive,” he revealed.

Apart from the gloomy weather, Masuku said his stay has been great.

“My stay has been great,the people are very friendly and welcoming,”he said.

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