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Dr Madziyire Calls for Servant Leaders

Christian leaders who address issues of governance have always been there in the bible from the time when a human king was put in place and their message has been the same which is of encouraging servant-hood leadership.

Prophet Samuel was the first to address the whereabouts of King Saul and had the power to rebuke him when he disobeyed God’s command because he thought he knew how to protect God’s people.

In the same manner, Prophet Nathan rebuked King David who displayed he was self-centered when he took advantage of Uriah, killed him and took his wife and as such received punishment from God.

In this regard, DrMadziyire, the President of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM), expressed his concern on the suffering Zimbabweans are going through at the hands of leaders who do not have people at heart but instead pursue self-interests.

Speaking at the Altar Conference recently held at Rufaro in Masvingo, Madziyire noticed all political parties were represented at the conference and as such challenged them to be moved with the desire to put the interests of people first.

I am glad that all parties be it ZANU PF, MDC, Zimbabwe’s People First have representatives that attend our church and I am raising a concern that they should not be self-centered but be moved by the desire to see people develop,” he said.

Madziyire instilled hope in the attendees and the country at large as he stated all altars that have caused poverty in Africa will be destroyed.

He said, “Here at Rufaro we are going to destroy the altars of our forefathers who died not knowing the gospel of Jesus Christ that caused Africa to be poverty stricken”.

He also highlighted if a nation is being run by people who lack servant-hood leadership there is bound to be a curse that cascades to other generations.

In as much as Madziyire addressed at a national level, the issue of having leaders who put others first can benefit our different business institutions and even small units such as a family.

A leader who leads with others in mind brings great development to the entire unit, be it an organization or a church. Dr Madziyire carries a great influence that make others partner with him for the betterment of all.

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