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‘Don’t cry for opportunities, create them’ – Cal_Vin

Bulawayo- Multi-award winning rapper, Cal_Vin, real name Mgcini Calvin Nhliziyo, has urged artists in Bulawayo to desist from expecting too much from organisers, and utilise the benefits of social media to promote themselves.

This follows after the rapper realised that artists were blaming organisers for their failure to get shows.

“Bulawayo Artists, please desist from expecting too much from event organises, times have changed, now we have social media to push our own marketing to create our own following and events. To be mad because you were not booked for an event is really messed up.”

“I really appreciate Radio but at one point (2015), I had a fall out with Zi FM Stereo because I thought they owed me something (obviously regrettable and dumb, thank God that was resolved ) we have all we need now to be global and it’s called social media,” Cal_Vin said.

Renowned house music dj, Dj Stavo has embraced the use of social media after he was angered by not being invited to the Star FM awards held last week.

He vowed that he will never release his music on any local radio station again, but instead release his music on social media where he is appreciated.

However, Cal_Vin has urged his colleagues not to blame radio stations for not inviting them, and urged them to push their music in order to be recognised.

“To assume we deserve bookings when we do not have a following is bad business to the event organiser, guys we really need to grow and have a pull,” he said.

A number of artists are reportedly not ecstatic after they were not booked for South African artist’s show, Mlindo the vocalist.

“This all comes out from people getting mad because they are not booked for the Mlindo show, I am failing to understand why you are all angry though, when you know damn well you can’t have your own shows because you know for a fact they will flop because you are still small.”

For Cal_Vin, getting coverage on local radio stations does not mean one is now a seasoned artist.

“Yes, we are getting played on Skyz Metro FM and Khulumani FM but it still doesn’t mean automatically that we are big names and “DESERVE” bookings, we still need to work hard to get our numbers up to a point where we get genuine fans who f**k with our brands and would be more than willing to pay to come and see you.”

To inspire his colleagues, he revealed that after coming back from South Africa half a decade back, he would fund himself to Harare just to get coverage from Radio Stations in the capital.

Bulawayo had no radio station until the opening of Skyz Metro FM three years back, then Khulumani FM last year.

“What l have seen over the 5 years since l came from South Africa to do music back home is that artists in Bulawayo wait for hand-outs instead of creating them for themselves. I have never had a manager since my first album in 2014, meaning l have taken everything upon myself to push my brand myself. I produce and I market for myself, I used to catch a bus to Harare to submit my music and for radio interviews to get my name out there because l realised if l didn’t do that no one was going to know my name and my music,” he said.

Cal_Vin went on to add that he is not the best artist in the city, but his passion has driven him to have a brand name that is known throughout the City of Kings.

“In all honesty, I am not the best artist in Bulawayo according to me because even my Artists are better than me but what makes me stand out is my passion and my desire to win and level up ,I don’t wait to be picked up .I pick myself up and that’s what l want you guys to do too.”

“Don’t cry for opportunities, create them, position yourself right, be hungry, hustle and what so ever you will get, you will know it’s been well deserved…peace,” the rapper said.

Meanwhile, Cal_Vin will be having a show with a band at Bulawayo Theatre next month.

“By the way, l have a concert on the 2nd of March at Bulawayo Theatre, would love it if you came to support my hustle,”


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