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Council to investigate nurses recruitment

Councillors from Bulawayo have implored the Mayor and the Bulawayo City Council to investigate the recruitment of nurses in local clinics which some say is done on tribal basis.

The councillors raised the issue during a full council meeting that was held on Thursday 7 November 2019 at  the Bulawayo City Council Chambers.

The nurses recruitment process, according to some unhappy councillors is done unfairly, leaving out local candidates in favour of nurses from other regions.

In an interview with this publication, Ward Six Councillor Tawanda Ruzive said they have implored the mayor to give his voice to the recruitment of people who do not stay from Bulawayo and its surrounding communities.

“We have however implored the council to get facts and figures on the issue so that we don’t officially pronounce policies based on social media and general activists issues. ”

“The concern is a very valid issue. We as a planning authority should be proactive and come up with policies which promote locals before we move to outsiders,” said Cllr Ruzive.

The issue comes at the back of a fierce fight wedged by political parties and activists over the discriminatory recruitment of trainee nurses at Mpilo hospital.

Recruitment of trainee nurses at Mpilo did not sit well with residents of Bulawayo, Matabeleland and part of Midlands who argued that the process took in outsiders more than locals.

This was done yet Matabeleland equally has capable qualified candidates who could have been admitted as well.

Minister of State for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Judith Ncube, is reported to have engaged President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the controversial issue.

During the Council meeting the councillors also raised concern over cases of diarrhea that were reported across local clinics which had raised alarm as residents feared a cholera outbreak.

However the scare was dismissed as false panic.

“It’s now under control. Mostly it was children reacting to sudden hot weather. No water borne case was reported,” said Cllr Ruzive.


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