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City Council mulls new schools for Cowdray Park

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC), has resolved to construct 2 new schools for Cowdray Park in stand numbers 20754 and 11892.

An application to the parent Ministry (Primary and Secondary Education) has been made as well.

“It was envisaged that casual workers would be engaged to construct the school in phases as funds became available and these would be under the direct supervision of the Council’s Building Section to maintain the desired standard,” the Director of Housing and Community Services , Mr D Khumalo reported.

To necessitate the development, Khumalo, had on 7 November last year resolved to allow the Education Section to increase fees charged in Council schools from RTGS$20 TO RTGS$25 (P2) and RTGS$25 TO RTGS$30 (P1/S3) schools respectively.

It was further resolved that 30% of the fees collected (Council Levy) be channeled towards funding of the construction of the new schools.

The Department had sought formal authority to commence the construction of the schools in the suburb.

“Priority would be on stand  number 20754 which has services for water and sewer connections. Site plans for the schools have been drawn,” the Director said.

He added that the Caretaker Council for the ward (Ward 28) has been tasked to convene a meeting to come up with a proposed name for the school in the usual way.

The current arrangement would entail the Financial Director releasing RTGS$150 000 funds to the Department on a termly basis for the construction of schools.

“There were currently 41734 learners enrolled in  Council schools and if all were to pay the RTGS$12 Council levy per term a total of RTGS$500 800 would be collected. This translated to RTGS$150 242.40 (30%) reserved for construction,” Khumalo revelaed.

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