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Called and Set Apart

When it comes to the call of God into ministry, many received it in different ways. With Moses, it was a burning bush, Paul the Apostle had a vision of Jesus Christ on the highway; some get to dream, with others being prophesied upon by other men of God. In the case of Prophet Trust Chirimaunga, it is a little bit peculiar. When his mother, a prayer house, was pregnant an angel of the Lord visited her in a dream and told her that she was going to have a child who will fulfill the call of God in his life, little did she know at that time that she was carrying twins.

Fast forward to 11 March 1985, shortly after birth, the other twin died. A missionary doctor stationed at the hospital came through to the mother who was struck with grief & joy at the same time, and declared the surviving child will be greatly used by God, much to the delight of the mother, confirming the word she received in the dream. She then named her baby, Trust Zvaidamwoyo Chirimaunga, for he was the desire that his mother fervently prayed for.

As a young boy, Prophet Chirimaunga hardly played with other children. Instead, he was inclined to the word and tapes of sermons by other men of God.

“I grew up in Inyanga then later moved to Bulawayo when I was a teenager,” he said. “I was just so much into the word such that I never had time to play with others,” he added.

It was in 2012 after years of prayer, that he officially fulfilled the call of God by opening a church.

“I love God`s people; praying and counselling them just bring a great joy in my heart. I cannot go to bed without doing anything special for God and His people for I believe that I have the power and the fire of God within me to do amazing exploits,” he said.

Prophet Trust Chirimaunga is the Founder of EMPIRE of GOD CHURCH a Pentecostal community church based in Barbourfields, Bulawayo. Married the love of his life, Tariro Chirimaunga, the two have been blessed with two children. The church is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year and has grown in faith and in numbers as well. His family still is supportive of his ministry for they believe in his calling.


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